Welcome to imaginative-inquiry.co.uk. This website has been written and designed by teachers for schools interested in developing new and effective pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. Approaches that work best for children, raise standards across the curriculum, and prepare learners for the challenges and changes they will face in the future.

All the materials on this site have been tested in the classroom using methods researched and developed over thirty years. They are designed to make learning exciting, meaningful and challenging. They work on the principles that people learn best when they understand the purpose of their learning, how it can be applied and where it matches their own interests and motivations.

The planning units on this website create imaginary contexts for learning allowing you to work in collaboration with the students in your class. Why are they imaginary and not real? Because in imaginary contexts you and the children can be anyone, at anytime, anywhere, doing anything. Mountain rescuers in a snow-storm on the side of a mountain, explorers delving into giant strange holes, or archeologists opening an ancient tomb.

Imaginative-inquiry contexts for learning do not need expensive resources or flashy technology. They only need the commitment of an enthusiastic teacher, the energy of a classroom of children and imagination – the greatest resource we have in schools.┬áSome of the units are quick and easy to set up, others need more time and study. They are designed for all ages from Reception to KS2, although many would work successfully with older children. All the planning units are completely FREE to download and use.


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