Mantle of the expert weekend November 2013 – Notes

Mantle of the expert weekend – Friday

1. Teacher coach
2. This work is about ‘induction’ not instruction
3. About helping children to ‘become’ people
4. This is a pedagogy that is about how we are with children

John Holt list
1. The ‘invited’ teacher
2. Learning is rarely the product of teaching (delivery)
3. The context generates the children’s interest in learning
4. Teachers as active partners
5. Knowledge rich
6. What sort of teacher are we? The professional learning process.

7. The weekend uses the laboratory method, working, participating & reflecting
8. The focus is not on what Luke is doing, but how he is doing it
9. It’s all about language

A circle of paper
1. Can we please agree this represents an oak tree
2. This is from Tudor time
3. Does anyone know what sort of dates we are talking about?
4. What sort of problems ppl might have chopping this tree down?
5. I’m just going to whizz round the group, any reason you think of why a tree of this size & age would come down?
6. How would a tree of this size get down?
7. How would we get a beam out of it?
8. You think of a tree would cut down to make a table of it? King’s banquet.
9. We are thinking of the implications (you don’t have to defend yourself)
10. I wonder what the tree would say, if it knew it was to be made into gallows?
11. Imagine carving a board, the work involved if you don’t have a chainsaw?
12. Stand please.
13. This is the tree that is coming down, they want the top half, the rest of it is ours.
14. How long is it going to take? What are our priorities?
15. Are there going to be any snags
16. I’ll leave that up to you.

– who might there be that we could invent that could bring some tension, not conflict? Secondary role?
– how do we bring that into the fiction?
– who might the role be & how do you do it?
– how might you represent a grave stone?

Four projections of role:
1. Full role
2. Shadow role
3. Secondary role
4. Teaching in and out of role

17. One of you please represent his lordship, the other bringing the information
18. Just hearing from his lordship, how do you feel about this?
19. Out of the story, was it was to tell the truth?


Mantle of the expert – Saturday
Four projections of role:
1. Full role
2. Twilight role
3. Secondary role
4. Teaching in and out of role
Four projections of role:
1. Full role – Always in role, often requires someone else. Representing someone for a while. Someone who is the story, needs the same negotiation. The teacher can then mediate, helping the students, might choose to lower their status to raise the demand on the students. Teacher can stop the fiction & start in order to develop the inquiry.
2. Twilight role (sometimes called shadowy) – used when the teacher is in the early stages of developing the context (frame distance v helpful). Often used to protect the students ‘into’ the fiction.
3. Secondary role – (The giant’s key) The person implied who is not here… Yet. Receiving the role thru other theatrical device.

4.Teacher in and out of role – teacher selects a POV, moving in and out as needed by the students, role always has dimension (what was he like?), what was the role’s function? You might ask: “what sort of person do you want me to be?” Negotiating, for the purpose of developing language. Developing choice & creating demand. Remember the ‘grace element’. Passes the responsibility over to the students. The teacher is bringing the ‘As if’ to the door of the students. The idea is to negotiate.

Can we agree when I put these glasses on I am stepping into a story.
– Protecting the students into the work is a device. Not an integration, about seeding the work about the class, not about the teacher. Professionally ignorant? Not to do with who controls the classroom, it’s about the power to influence.
1. Symbolic – spoken/written
2. Iconic – drawing
3. Expressive – dramatic action
Episode 1:  Greeks, meeting at the altar (Expressive/Symbolic)
Using Frame Distance
  1. Meeting at the altar – what kind of God? What would the God be responsible for?
  2. have a quick natter with your neighbour, do you want serious times or not serious times?
  3. Have a think: “It is serious because where I come from it is like this…”
  4. Please turn to your neighbour… 1,2,3
  5. TIR “People of Greece, you are here outside the temple… have you something to say?
  6. “Where are your offerings?”
  7. “You bring excuses. Where are your offerings?”
  8. “I will bring the priestesses here if you wish to speak to them…but they will be expecting the offerings”
  1. Please draw an object from Ancient Greece.
  2. Could you please stand around in a circle for a bit, stay with your group – drawings on the floor.
  3. “Now this hoards that’s been found.”
  4. I’m going to ask you to represent this object, not looking like the object (laughter) but just standing…. Some things to think about if you would:
  5. Where about’s do you come from?
  6. Who was your last owner?
  7. And approximately how much are you worth on the black market?
  8. … Let’s have a look and see. There is this collection here…
  9. Could anyone share a story?
  10. The convention, pictures on a vase
  11. – Play,
  12. – dramatic action,
  13. – invested action (what is the artist trying to convey? This is the inquiry)
  14. – Reflection (what do we know about these people?)
15. Teacher in role “it is clear to me…” Researcher, giving information about the context
16. Choose any moment you like from the history of these objects using the Frame Distance List
Mantle of the expert – Sunday

Exploring Chamber Theatre – named because it is intimate.
DH wrote a chapter on CT in the back of Drama for Learning
“Bye baby Bunting your daddy’s gone a
hunting, to fetch a little rabbit skin to put a baby
Bunting in.”
  1. Where is the authors voice?
  2. We can’t change the text
  3. Who is the narrator?
  4. In what circumstance is this happening?
  5. Everything is significant, everything means something.
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