Author: Luke Abbott
Theme: Olympics
Age Range: KS2
Main Curriculum Focus: History & Science
Inquiry Question: What does the Olympic games signify as a world event?
Expert Team: Catering Company
Client(s): TheIOC Committee for Athlete’s Wellbeing
Commission:  To prepare breakfast’s at the IOC Olympic village for athletes participating in the games and to inform them and others visiting the village about the games and its history.

Context: The year before the games have begun a team of brilliant caterers has been spotted by the daughter of an IOC member at the Glastonbury festival. She later reported to her parents that she had had the best multicultural food in her life, cooked by a brilliant catering team who seemed to cater for many hundreds of people with consummate ease.

As a consequence the team have been commissioned by the Committee of the IOC Athlete’s Wellbeing Team, under the chairpersonship of Dr Shefali Kumar a well know nutritionist and health food expert with very strong environmental credentials, to take the breakfast slot at the IOC athletes’  village – if they feel they are up to the task.

The team is a catering cooperative, used to working at large events. They are currently the main caterers to the 2011 Glastonbury Festival and reports are coming through to the organisers that the team is VERY successful as a result of the range of healthy natural foods. During the Festival, they faced several challenges such as the very wet weather and the sad of the, as yet unexplained, death of a well known government adviser, whose body was found in one of the toilet blocks.

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