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The articles on this page are about the practice of teaching and learning in schools and the development of a curriculum and pedagogy for the 21st Century. Many of them appear elsewhere on the Internet and you may want to follow the reference to find out more.


Author Title Pages Ref
Dorothy Heathcote Contexts for Active Learning – Four Models 14 Web
Dorothy Heathcote Excellence in Teaching Pgs 18-25 7 Web
Dorothy Heathcote The Authentic Teacher and the Future Pgs 170-201 31 Web
Jerome Harste What Education as Inquiry Is and Isn’t: Education as inquiry is a philosophical stance 18 Web
John Abbott Battery Hens or Free Range Chickens – What Kind of Education for What Kind of World? 5 Web
Alan Dyson  A ‘Pivotal Moment’? Education Policy in England, 2005 29 Web
Brian Edmiston What’s My Position? Role, Frame & Positioning 9 Web
Kieran Egan The Cognitive Tools of Children’s Imagination 15 Web
Kieran Egan Teaching as Story-telling – Google Book 85 Web
Alfie Kohn Unconditional Teaching 10 Web
John Fines The Drama of History 119 PDF
Lev Vygotsky Interaction Between Learning & Development 9 PDF



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