Planning Units

These materials are Planning Units designed for teachers to use with their students in class. Each Planning Unit will take you step-by-step through a sequence of activities developing an imaginary-context for exploring the curriculum.

They include everything you need to get started – planning, resources and links – as well as suggested routes for further activities and curriculum development. Written by practicing teachers, who have used them in their own classroom, they are available as both Pdf and Word documents, so you can change and add to them as much as you like.

All these planning units are FREE to use, adapt and share.

Planning Units


Author Title Description Size
 Tim Taylor Animal Park EY, KS1, KS2 2MB
 Tim Taylor Fairy Tale Problem-Solvers EY, KS1 441KB
 Kevin Holland Hansel and Gretel EY, KS1 102KB
 Luke Abbott Orang-utan Reserve KS2 60KB
 Tim Taylor Scheherazade – Early Islamic civilisation KS2 128KB
 Tim Taylor Anglo-Saxons KS2 692KB
 Tim Taylor Vikings KS2 2MB
 Tim Taylor The Roman Box KS2 2.3MB
 Tim Taylor The Young Soldier – Ancient Greece KS2 493KB
 Tim Taylor The Selfish Giant EY, KS1 153KB
 Luke Abbott Holes in the Road EY, KS1, KS2 4.6MB
 Luke Abbott Olympics KS2 702KB
 Tim Taylor The Tudor House KS2 10MB
 Tim Taylor Dinosaur Island EY/KS1 437KB
 Tim Taylor Titanic KS2 1.5MB
 Tim Taylor Mountain Rescue Team KS1/KS2 510KB
 Luke Abbott Blue Water Spa and Centre KS1/KS2 510KB
Emma Bramley Kindertransport
KS2 1.3MB
Tim Taylor Victorian Pit Inspection Team
Julia Walshaw Bear Sanctuary KS2/KS1 177KB



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