Animal Park

Author: Tim Taylor
Theme: Animal welfare & protection
Age Range: EY to KS2
Main curriculum focus: Science: SC2: Humans & Other animals
Inquiry Question: “What are our responsibilities to preserving and protecting endangered animals?”
Expert team: Animal park rangers
Client(s): The owner of a zoo
Commission: To preserve and protect endangered animals and reintroduce them to their natural environments

Context: An experienced team of animal park rangers are commissioned to prepare for the arrival of a shipment of animals from a zoo which has been forced to close due to lack of funds. The zoo’s owner is concerned that the animals are properly cared for and are not hurt or distressed in the move.

The owner did what she could for the animals while they were in her care, but recently has found it very difficult to provide the highest quality of care the animals deserve. As a consequence some of the animals are reported to be ill, undernourished or injured.

In contrast, the team’s wildlife park is a model of care, consideration and protection. The park has a long and successful history of caring for injured, sick and endangered animals and is proud of its record of returning as many of them as possible safely back to the wild.

However, the new arrivals will put strain on the park’s resources and the rangers will have to be careful not to unbalance or upset the existing animals. The owner of the animal park will also need reassuring that the new arrivals will not disrupt things too badly.

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