Responses to the National Curriculum review

Consultation to finish 16 April 2013

On 7 February 2013 the Secretary of State for Education announced a public consultation on the draft National Curriculum which will run until 16 April 2013.

A final version of the new National Curriculum will be available in autumn 2013 for first teaching in schools from September 2014.

Background information on the review, including details of previous publications, can be found in the Review of the National Curriculum section.

You can download the Draft National Curriculum programmes of study from the DfE website.

Please find the time to reply to the consultation.

Responses to the Draft Curriculum

Following the publication of the draft curriculum there has been a great deal of discussion (particularly of the POS for History), the following is a short selection (if you know of any important articles or blogs I’ve missed please let me know in the comments section below):

Revised 9 April, 2013

Revised 3 April, 2013 – Recent developments including some more considered opinion

Revised 28 March, 2013 – to include new articles and “The Blob” row:

Dated: 11 March, 2013

(Not strictly on the draft, but apposite to the debate on how the new curriculum could affect pedagogy)

Finally, Toby Young has also written a number of blogs on the subject, but because hasn’t added anything useful to the debate I can’t bring myself to show his links to the ones above. But if you’re really desperate you can find most of them here, all except the ones in the Daily Mail. There are limits.

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