Science: Comparing the new and the old – Key Stage 2

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The new curriculum for KS.2 is divided into three sections. The first two can be analysed alongside the aims and objectives of SC1: Scientific Enquiry in the old curriculum (see Table 1). The third section – Programmes of Study (see Table 2) – can be compared directly with the old PoS. To view the tables download the Word or Pdf, they don’t seem to view well on my website.

Notes on Table.1 – SC1: Scientific Enquiry/Working Scientifically

Scientific enquiry is at the heart of both programmes of study and after analysis the changes between the two curriculums in this section have been very minor (see the ‘notes’ column in the SC1 table below).

  • In the old curriculum scientific enquiry it is termed ‘scientific investigation’ in the new ‘working scientifically’.

Notes on Table 2 – KS.2 Programmes of Study

  • In the new curriculum the different units in the programmes of study are broken up into recommended years of study, these are not compulsory.
  • Studying electricity has been moved to KS.2 and there is more demand in Year 6 where children are required to study voltage of cells.
  • The study of Evolution and inheritance has been added to the new curriculum as a unit of study in Year 6

Substantial changes between the PoS have been highlighted in red on the Word and Pdf documents attached.


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