Author: Emma Bramley
Theme: World War Two
Age Range: KS2
Main Curriculum Focus: History, Literacy
Expert Team: Children’s Authors and Publishers
Client(s): The Information Centre
Commission: To create a children’s book which will tell the story of the evacuation of children from Prague to Britain in the lead up to World War Two

Context: In the lead up to World War Two Nicolas Winton was personally responsible for organising the transportation of 669 Jewish children to be transported from Czechoslovakia to Britain and other countries. He organized their train passage as well as foster care families to look after them however the last train he organized never left Prague as war was declared. Nicholas (Nicky) kept all of this a secret and it wasn’t until his wife found an old suitcase containing information about the children that his act was discovered and his achievements were recognised. ‘Kindertransport’ is the name that was collectively given to these children.

The Information Center (part of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe) in Berlin has recognised that their exhibition doesn’t cater for children. They want to create a story book that tells the story of the Jewish refugee children that were taken to England, from Prague, by Nicholas Winton. They ask a group of children’s authors and illustrators to create a series of books that will appeal to children but also inform them of the story of Kindertransport.

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Pages: 19
Word count: 5,834

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