Mantle of the expert workshop – NATD conference 28th sept 2013

Steps into the imaginary context – Divers
1. Inquiry: “What would we need to consider if we we were responsible for finding & recovering bodies from an under water wreck?”
2. (General discussion 2mjns) “What would an irresponsible team of builders do?”
3. (Stepping into the fiction) Please answer this next question ‘as’ the team of divers: “What would we never do?” Stand in a circle to answer.
4. As people give suggestions – (emphasis): “What does this tell us about our values?”
5. Teacher in Role (TIR): opportunity to fins out more, people can ask questions, i.e. “How much do we know?” ; “What is the time limit?”
6. (Outside) “We are going to think about creating some of the artefacts?”
7. (Expressive) “Could I ask you for a moment to think about what you need to do to prepare for a dive… Can you just think of one thing you know you would do… The first thing, just for a moment… Just step into the representative mode…”
(Teacher demonstrates an example)
8. People step into the fiction, “Could this side of the room reflex… Please look, what do you notice?”
9. “What he is doing… What has he got to meditate about? (Looking at the others) “can you see any others in a state of apprehension?” (People are noticing the ‘sign’)
10. “If you wouldn’t mind just going over and asking these people…” (Conversational, not interrogation)
11. “Ladies and gentleman would you mind coming into the briefing room.”
12. (TIR) “concerning this next dive, we have some tensions… It is a particularly deep dive, bear in mind time, please check all the equip.”
13. “Are there any questions?” People ask questions inside the fiction.
14. Step outside the fiction to share the responsibly of invention.
15. (Reflection) “What tensions are emerging?”
16. “How might we represent ourselves when we go down into the water? What’s the job we’ve got when we get down there? Just give yourself job down there.”
17. “Can you let us know the job.”
18. “Just get into a position where the job is finished…”
19. “This side please look at what you notice…”
20. “What would happen really if you stayed over time?” (Inquiry)
21. “Could you string three actions together… It could be the beginning the middle and the end.”
22. “Could I just this team here keep an eye on this group here… OK… Off you go”
“Are you getting the impression of water here… Their not under water, we know… Does that seem ‘watery’ to you?”
(Protecting people into experience)
Dramatic Action
Invested action
Day 2
Responsible Team: Adventure Travel Firm
Client: organising a holiday for a family that have recently come into some money
Inventing the context
Q: “What’s up?”
Solution focused… What does she need to help her?
1. “Please get into  a picture from an adventures holiday brochure”
2. 1,2,3,4…
3. “We got…” (Reflection).
Convention: “when would you have… In the responsible team” (the context)
4. “What is the caption? How are you going to represent the caption.?”
5. “Did you notice anything about us?”
6. “It must mean…”
7. “Is there anyone interested in….?”
8. “Could you just create photos that are not in the brochure and would never appear?”
9. “Just have a little talk… Why won’t this photos ever appear and where is it?”
Device: to look at the photos in another way.
10. We’re just going for a quick whizz around the room…”
11. “Is there anyone who would find anything interesting about this one?”
12. “Could you just find out… They will speak to you?”
13. “So, what are we finding out?”
14. “I heard the words?”
15. “Who do you suppose took this photo? So, let’s invent it then…”
16. “Let’s check that out…” (Asking)
17. “What can you see in your head?” (Dramatic imagination-the art form of drama)
Jack and the beanstalk
How do we build the context, how does the teacher shift to
1. “Does anyone recognise this woodcut?” (Inquiry start)
2. “I don’t remember a daughter… Who are these folks… How might we explain these other people?”
3. “Who says that?”
4. “Where do you think his eyes are, where is he looking”
5. “Maybe he sizing it up – we’ll soon have this down” (hinting at role)
6. “This is a Lithuanian version, different story.”
7. “How do you think in their version…?”(narrative)
8. “How did the square get there?” (Implications)
9. “So the impact on the house?” (Implications)
10. “Explore with you the possibilities…”
11. Rolls up his sleeves. (Moving into role) (noticing the significance)
12. “Just to agree for a minute, I’m going to gather you over here… Just going to help me out…” (Convention 1 – in real time)
(Group now framed as builders by agreeing to follow and listen…)
13. Luke starts to talk as the builder about the house… The group join in with the fiction.
Q: What is the purpose of Luke’s role?
14. Start thinking about the tasks for the team.

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