Tim Taylor
Theme: Vikings
Age Range: KS2
Main curriculum focus: History – the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor
Inquiry Questions: What was distinct about Viking culture? What were their beliefs and how did these affect their view of the world?
Expert Team: Scriptwriters
Client: BBC
Commission: To write the outline of a script for the BBC telling the story of a Viking burial site discovered recently in rural England.

In this context the students learn about the discovery of a Viking burial tomb hidden inside a hill in rural England. Looking first at the artefacts, buried with the bodies, they then explore how these objects were chosen and for what reasons.

Later the students are cast as scriptwriters, commissioned by the BBC, to write the outline of a script for a new documentary about the discovery of the tomb and what the find tells us about the Vikings, their beliefs, and their culture.

This unit can be downloaded either:
1. As word document.
2. As a Pdf.

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