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Why telling the truth is better for learning

A little while ago the Daily Mail published a story entitled: Teacher apologises to parents after ‘alien egg’ project leaves children ‘in tears and too scared to go to school’ The by-line ran: Problem solving project centred on a 3ft-high egg found in school grounds Children were told the egg was safe, and asked to help […]

Blue Waters Health Spa and Centre

Author:  Luke Abbott August 2011 (from an original idea taught at Sidegate Primary School Ipswich 2007, then developed by advanced MoE trained teacher for 6 weeks.) Year group range: Year 5, 6, 7 Curriculum Topic/Theme: HEALTHY LIVING – Science, PHSE, Citizenship focus-food and healthy living. (Please see Nurturing Circumstances as a mode of enterprise above Inquiry Questions:What are the basic […]

Mountain Rescue

Authors: Tim Taylor & Prof. Brain Edmiston Theme: Mountain Environments Age Range: KS1 & KS2 Main Curriculum Focus: Science Inquiry Question: What can be learnt from studying extreme climates and environments? Expert Team: Mountain Rescue Team Client(s): An injured climber and then others Commission: To rescue the climber and then other commissions Context: This unit starts initially with the rescue of an experienced climber […]


Author: Tim Taylor Theme: Titanic Age Range: KS2 (possibly KS1) Main Curriculum Focus: History and English Inquiry Question: “What might the Titanic disaster tell us about changes in attitudes towards life and people’s place in society and how these have changed since 1912?” Expert Team: A team of marine archaeologists Client(s): The British Museum Commission: to explore the wreck, as sensitively as possible, […]

Dinosaur Island

Author: Tim Taylor Theme: Dinosaurs Age Range: EY – KS1 Main curriculum focus: History & Science: SC2: Humans & Other animals Inquiry Question: “What can evidence from the past tell us about the history of our planet and the place of human beings?” Expert team: Scientists Client: The Worldwide League for Nature (WLN) Commission: To preserve, protect & study […]

Tudor House

Author: Tim Taylor Theme: Tudors Age Range: KS2 Main Curriculum Focus: History Inquiry Question: What effects did changing events, individuals and monarchs of the Medieval and Tudor periods have on the everyday lives of men, women and children from different sections of society? Expert Team: Curators of a Tudor Merchant’s House Client(s): National Heritage Commission: To restore a Tudor merchant’s house fallen on […]


Author: Luke Abbott Theme: Olympics Age Range: KS2 Main Curriculum Focus: History & Science Inquiry Question: What does the Olympic games signify as a world event? Expert Team: Catering Company Client(s): The IOC Committee for Athlete’s Wellbeing Commission:  To prepare breakfast’s at the IOC Olympic village for athletes participating in the games and to inform them and others visiting the village about the games […]

Holes in the Road

Author: Luke Abbott Theme: People who help us Age Range: EY, KS1, KS2 Main Curriculum Focus: Literacy, ICT, Science, history, maths and geography Inquiry Question:   “In the event of serious road subsidence how are affected people able to keep to their daily routines?” Expert Team: An emergency investigation team. Client(s): An asphalt team’s foremen/person Commission: To sort out the mess unravelling at […]

The Selfish Giant

Author: Tim Taylor Theme: The Selfish Giant Age Range: KS1 – Early Years Main Curriculum Focus: Science, Reading, Art & Design, Geography Inquiry Question: “What responsibility to do we have to each other’s well-being and happiness?” Expert Team: Garden designers Client(s): The Giant’s Sisters Commission: Design a garden in memory of the giant and his friendship with the children Context: This unit begins with […]

Orang-utan Reserve

Author: Luke Abbott with Gearies Junior School Redbridge Theme: Animal care Age Range: years 4/5/6 Main Curriculum Focus: Literacy, ICT, Science and geography Inquiry Question:  What are the responsibilities people have to safe guard animals in jeopardy? How can humans coexist with apes? Expert Team: Ape conserving team. Client(s): Timber production cooperative who are producing sustainable wood for trading. Commission: A […]

Bear Sanctuary

Author: Julia Walshaw Theme: Animal welfare and protection Age Range: Bear Sanctuary frame applicable to EYFS to KS2, but this particular client and commission suitable for upper KS2 Main Curriculum Focus: Science: SC2: Humans & other animals Inquiry Question: ‘What are our responsibilities towards other living things?’ Expert Team: Those who run a bear sanctuary Client(s): The police in Serbia Commission: To rescue […]

Animal Park Description

Author: Tim Taylor Theme: Animal welfare & protection Age Range: EY to KS2 Main curriculum focus: Science: SC2: Humans & Other animals Inquiry Question: “What are our responsibilities to preserving and protecting endangered animals?” Expert team: Animal park rangers Client(s): The owner of a zoo Commission: To preserve and protect endangered animals and reintroduce them to their natural […]


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